About me

Hi! I’m Adrian Kashivskyy – iOS, Max OS X and Web developer. But what’s more important, I’m also an UI/UX designer.

I am very interested in interface design and realistic illustrations. Since Dribbble requires an invitation, I decided to create a portfolio, which can be used by invited designers to analyze my work and (maybe) send me an invitation.

About this webpage

Since my main webpage, kashiv.com is intended for something else, I created this – Adrian Kashivskyy’s Drafts.

Here I will be constantly uploading some of my artwork and (sometimes) screenshots of what I’m currently working on.

The design of this webpage was directly inspired by the Instagram Blog.

Contact me

There are a couple of ways to contact me if you want to drop me a line. The simpliest way is to find me (@akashivskyy or @kashivcom) on Twitter. If it doesn’t suit you, go to my contact page for more contact information.


…and enjoy viewing my artwork. :)